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set product quantity to one always


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I want to disable cart quantity increase and decrease feature and set cart quantity to always one.


Is it possible to achieve using back office.


I think I will achieve this using change in following tpl files







Any idea?



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To make it really work, you probably need to change the add product to cart - function directly, as a customer could click twice on the add to cart as well, to get two products. You should probably find where the products is added, and there check if already one available. If so, ignore the addition... (Probably quite some work, as you also have to change the ajax-cart... ).


Furthermore you can easily just turn off the + and - buttons in global.css:


Edit themes/<your theme folder>/css/global.css:


find this blue string: (in my file around line 922):

.cart_quantity .cart_quantity_button {

  float: left;

  position: relative;

  top: -5px;

  display: none;    // <-- add this line

(Sample code from PrestaShop, your code may slightly differ, but the blue string should be the same, I presume)
My 2 cents,
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