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displayCarrierList hooking


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I have been playing with trying to change how the carrier listing is displayed, or how I can change the HTML output of my carrier. There are two hooks I have found that relate to this:


  • displayCarrierList
  • displayBeforeCarrier

Both seem to basically provide hooks before and after the carrier list during checkout. If I implemented my hookDisplayCarrierList() method like this:

public function hookdisplayCarrierList() {
	return "Test";

This puts my "TEST" hook after the carrier list, which looks like this:



How can I replace the entire listing HTML? Can this only be done by modifying per-template? What I am really trying to do is have custom HTML output for a specific carrier I have implemented in a CarrierModule. Am I looking at this wrong?


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Hi Kris,

Can you add some simple image what the end result should look like?

Not sure what you exactly mean with " entire listing HTML":

Maybe the space between the items, the blocks of each item, like borders, the colour of the background etc?

Or something totally different?

Please elaborate a little...



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Here is a (badly) edited image and I will describe what the colors mean:



  • Red: Entire "carrier list" area. Originally I thought to change the layout in my module (not theme) I would have to override this entire area somehow, although I would prefer to have more specific hooks for what I am doing, but if I could replace the entire red area I could accomplish what I want.
  • Teal: Individual hooksto replace each carrier. Here I was hoping to have a hook or module method I could implement that would override how a specific carrier is displayed.
  • Green: This is really the area I am trying to hook into and change. I want to add extra display options, and most likely in the future extra input options (although that is a separate challenge) for more complicated external carriers / display addresses for local pickup etc.
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