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Modification to AddressController.php is simply ignored


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I am trying to fix a bug (or at least, I think it is) in AddressController.php but my changes are simply ignored.


if I edit controllers/front/AddressController.php and insert a




or even a simple and plain syntax error in the file


just to see if my changes are taken into account, if I then open the registration screen of the shop, everything works normally. I would expect the site to halt somewhere instead.


Of course I have disabled the cache, tried to clear it with BO->Advanced->Performance [Clear Smarty Cache and Autoload Cache] but code it still doesn't halt.


I know I should use the "override" folder, but since every change is ignored, I thought to go straight to the core code.


I am using Presta where I'm wrong?


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Oh sorry I edited AddressController, I just  mistyped its name.

I have put die() in in the constructor. However, if there is a syntax error in the file I assume this should stop the whole execution as soon as the class is loaded... very strange it still works like a charm, isn't it?


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