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Top menu categories arrange newest model first automatically


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Hi divyeshp,


I need the top menu categories to be arranged the categories automatically by choosing the newest model first.


Today we manually add the top menu categories, but we need the menu to arrange the categories by itself and choose the newest model first, and afterwards the most popular models in the given model or type category.



Thanks in advance.



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in this case it's necessary to modify the module .php file


you can find there queries similar to:

'SELECT bcp.`id_cms_category`, bcp.`id_parent`, bcp.`level_depth`, bcp.`active`, bcp.`position`, cl.`name`, cl.`link_rewrite`
				FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'cms_category` bcp
				INNER JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'cms_category_lang` cl
				ON (bcp.`id_cms_category` = cl.`id_cms_category`)
				WHERE cl.`id_lang` = '.(int)$id_lang.'
				AND bcp.`id_parent` = '.(int)$parent;

it's necessary to add there "order by" clause:

ORDER BY bcp.id_parent ASC
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