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Importing lang.gzip file and Back Office Translation Wont Work


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.how do i get to translate the back office completely?
although i've translated a large amount nothing changes at the back office or is it just me?
please help.
p.s :check the attachment some strings are translated and some are not.where do i find the 'main' backoffice strings to translate them ?


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i'm sorry which files do you mean ( can you give me an example for a language or the greek language ? )i found only a gr.gzip from here http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/3199/
i dont have a problem commiting my translation to the community.i've upadte the gr.gzip from the above link but still nothing changes .
do i have to add some tpl or php files to a separate folder?

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i only get a gr file nothing more?
i've created this file by importing the first gr.gzip file that i found at the above link and then exporting it using the prestashop language-translation module so baically i have only one file .is this correct?
Could you please inform if my language installation was successfull which files was i supposed to have in which folders.
. . .
PLus i did this just moments ago
1.exported the new gzip translation greek file
2.found the files at prestashop/tranlations/gr ( and copied then somewhere outside of prestashop)
3.delete the greek lang.
4.reinstalled everything.

check the atachment for bettern understanding.


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yes i believe so.i'm using wamp server 2.o plus during installation nothing WRONG shows up.i've built over 10 sites using CMS like drupal,joomla and opencart with no probs.
Plus i installed a fresh new copy of prestashop at c:\wamp\www\presta and imported from scratch the greek language.
Although the page corresponds to language changes ( plz check the attachment for better understanding ) headers , search box and the main content blocks 'switch' to whatever language i choose the MAIN MENU does not!How can this be happening>?

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i found the bug but i dont know how to fix this!
the tab_lang table from the database seems to have the same values no matter if the lang_id is different!!!
so what can we do about it !?
for instance ( this is taken with phpmyadmin . . . )

. . .
`id_lang` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
`id_tab` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
`name` varchar(32) DEFAULT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`id_tab`,`id_lang`)

-- 'Αδειασμα δεδομένων του πίνακα `ps_tab_lang`

INSERT INTO `ps_tab_lang` (`id_lang`, `id_tab`, `name`) VALUES
(1, 1, 'Catalog'),
(1, 2, 'Customers'),
(1, 3, 'Orders'),
(1, 4, 'Payment'),
(1, 5, 'Shipping'),
(1, 6, 'Stats'),
(1, 7, 'Modules'),
(1, 8, 'Preferences'),
(1, 9, 'Tools'),
(1, 10, 'Manufacturers'),
(1, 11, 'Attributes and groups'),
(1, 12, 'Addresses'),
(1, 13, 'Statuses'),
(1, 14, 'Vouchers'),
(1, 15, 'Currencies'),
(1, 16, 'Taxes'),
(1, 17, 'Carriers'),
(1, 18, 'Countries'),
(1, 19, 'Zones'),
(1, 20, 'Price ranges'),
. . . . .. .

and some records below we find . . .

(3, 1, 'Catalog'),
(3, 2, 'Customers'),
(3, 3, 'Orders'),
(3, 4, 'Payment'),
(3, 5, 'Shipping'),
(3, 6, 'Stats'),
(3, 7, 'Modules'),
(3, 29, 'Employees'),
(3, 8, 'Preferences'),
(3, 9, 'Tools'),
(3, 60, 'Tracking'),
(3, 10, 'Manufacturers'),
(3, 34, 'Suppliers'),
(3, 11, 'Attributes and groups'),
(3, 36, 'Features'),
(3, 58, 'Image mapping'),
(3, 66, 'Tags'),
(3, 68, 'Attachments'),
(3, 12, 'Addresses'),
(3, 63, 'Groups'), .
. . . .etc etc .. .

Basically i'm qurious about 2 things
1.why this is not updated?
2.why is this so messy?i mean the records are added kind strange here.
e.g 3,4 3,5 3,6 3,7 and then 3,29 . . .

I can fix this by altering the table but where's the real bug?

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