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Multiple select group when adding a specific product price


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If you want to add a specific price for the product is to choose I either add it to all customer groups, or adding to a single group.

I wish one could add specific prices for several groups at the same time, that is an option in the choice of multiple groups in the form below marked with a red frame.



The problem is that in order to add specific prices for 15 products for 10 groups of clients to lose a lot of time - and what a week ...


if I change code in \admin_123\themes\default\template\controllers\products\prices.tpl to:

<select multiple name="sp_id_group" id="sp_id_group" size="8" >
<option value="0">{l s='All groups'}</option>
{foreach from=$groups item=group}
<option value="{$group.id_group}">{$group.name} </option>

to multiple select I make a multi-choice groups of customers, but I'll save it adds special price of only one group of customers - to the highest ID.


Can someone help solve this?



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Not a direct solution at the moment, but was wondering if you want to give a discount to ALL products for members of that specific group? If so, and the discount is always the same (% only), you could put the discount in the group itself. (Customers->groups menu.)


So if you have say a group VIP, which you want to give a discount of 15% on all products, you could do that here in one time.


Maybe this works for you?


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