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[solved]Google analytics module issue


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Solved in this topic : 



Hi all !

Having little issues with integrating Google Analytics on prestashop :-(

In google chrome javascript console I get "Uncaught ReferenceError: ga is not defined"

I followed some topics to configure GA to e-commerce nicely, added my tracking code in the module but it isn't working...

Here's the website I'm working on :

Further more when I look in ga tracking code part it says that no tracking is detected...

Can't find what I'm doing wrong :-(
I just want to have classical traking on pages and if possible a little information with commands...

If someone has an idea I'm ready !!!

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

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I have the same problem.

I installed the analytics module and filled in the tracking code, but it doesn't work.

In the analytics account it says: "Google Analytics is not detected in your website"

I also tried to put the script into the Header.tpl but when i do this (between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> the website is not visible anymore.


Url; www.ster-sieraden.nl

Prestashop version: 1.5.6

Theme: 560


Do you now what to do Milos?




Greets Reinier

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I am not sure what version you are using. I tried the latest version on Github, but that does not work for Analytics.js (the latest version of the analytics script)


Went back to the old one, and all is fine again.


Seems presta developers are so busy with version 1.6, they forget proper support for the existing version. (i have issues with gsitemap for months now...)

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Solved by adding it directly in footer.tpl, but the module himself doesn't work^^

Bannerclick I agree there's some debug to do in prestashop but it worth better than nothing, don't you think ? ;-)

After all I don't really understand the advanced settings of analytics for e-shops, the manual add of the script is ok for my use^^


See you soon for other debug post;-)

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You just have to copy/paste the tracking code given

By google in footer.tpl (I put it just before the </body> )

But you have to put the entire script into {literal} {/literal}.

So it will look like :


here your google script



Hope this is clear for you I'm writing with my phone;-)

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Ok thanks it's working !!


May you explain further in few lines the how to of objectives ?

I've settled the checkout to one page checkout so I'm really not sure how to configure the objective...


I've settled one to aim on product.php, and skipped the tunnel proccess since I have only one page for checkout.


Is this settle right ?


Thanks again and wishing you a happy new year !!

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