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Problem with Cart


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I am new to PrestaShop, I have developed a custom module and I have a problem.
When choosing a product to add to cart is added only if logged on, I think it's a problem with the cookie.
My code to add a producto to cart:
$context=Context::getContext(); //new Cart();

if (count($_POST["service"])>0){
    $cart=new Cart($id_cart);
	foreach($_POST["service"] as $variable_get_services) {
		$site_get_services = $variable_get_services;
		$site_get_services = str_replace("service-", "", $site_get_services);
		if (($site_get_services == "0") || ($site_get_services == "")) {} else {
		        $cart->updateQty(1, $site_get_services);



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