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bug SQL Manager PS 1.5 [resolved user error]


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Hi community...

I sincerely hope that someone will help me this time. The lasts posts that I've written here didn't get much attention...


Today I'm facing the inconsistent behavior of the SQL manager with the rest of the PS platform.


More specifically: if I write a query the result isn't aligned with the actual state of the db.


For example I don't get the correct quantity for the products!


Is there some caching behind? Or is it a bug?


Please help me.

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Thank you very much buddy I really appreciate your suggestion ;)


However I'm trying to relying on it to extract some information from the DB.


Actually I don't want to develop a module only to execute a query and display the results in the BO.


I hope that some moderators or some more experienced devs will help us!

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as I suggested, you can also use queries directly to your Database acessing with phpMyAdmin or Heidi-SQL for ex.


BTW till 2 weeks ago I was moderator, but I've abandoned the free support on the forum. ;)  Don't think a mod will directly help you, cause it is not his task. Help here is based on free basis and mod should moderate topics and forum.

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I would execute the command in the manager and then as suggested by selectshop.at execute the command in phpmyadmin or similar and compare results.


The simple reason you may not be getting the attention is that you are not supplying enough information, i.e. the command you are executing...so if you are not getting attention then review your original post and add more details.

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Here I am!!! :)


I'm sorry for my incredible late response! :(


Anyway thank you very much for your support selectshop.at ;)! And obviously to you El Patron!!! :D


At the end the problem was right what you El Patron suggested! I was querying the wrong table so there's no strange behavior regarding the SQL Manager.


I'm really sorry for having raised so much rumor about the SQL Manager, I hope it will never happen again!


Btw thanks to everybody!

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