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Bug in latest version

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I don't know if this isn't the right forum (there isn't a more apropiate one for english users that I could find, though)

Don't know if this bug will be reproduceable, but here is what I did:

1- Create language, Change it
2- Change theme
3- Disable some modules, enable some modules
4- Modify the themes a bit, break some things, fix them
5- Go to the modules section: change some modules' configuration (particularly, featured products one, from 5 to 10)
6- Go to the products page
7- Attempt to add a product (CRASH!)


Clear Cookies.

EDIT: Solution doesn't solve it but temorarilly, everytime I attempt to add a product, it takes me to a page that isn't the product page i've seen before, but a page that allows me to change the general products' settings (i think).

EDIT2: More digging into it correctly lead me to think it had something to do with the spanish translation. Aparently, it breaks some things on the add product/categories page (index.php?tab=AdminCatalog). Admins should test it (even if they don't understand) to confirm my thoughts.


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Yes a lot of bugs in the latest version.

1. Theme doesn't work (only default, when i change it to my theme, i see only text, without design)
2. When i add categories, i can't see them in the categories module.
3. Some modules doesn't work (jcarousel for example)

Where is the problem?
Can you fix all that?

Is it possible to get previous version, cause this one is full of bugs.

Thank you, Housy

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No, the "Prestashop.com" forum was not the good place.

Topic moved.

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