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Availability Status error - IN STOCK and OUT STOCK errors


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I am using PS and planned to upgrade it to


I have Advance Stock Management enabled. If I add products with various colours the availability text showing error.


"IN STOCK" and "OUT OF STOCK" by suffixed with user-defined text like "will be shipped before 4:00 P.M." and "4-5 days to ship".



Should be like this...




IN STOCK - will be shipped before 4:00 P.M.


OUT OF STOCK - 4-5 days to ship.



But showing like this...




IN STOCK - 4-5 days to ship.


OUT OF STOCK - 4-5 days to ship.



Same user-defined messages are getting display for both IN STOCK and OUT STOCK.



No error occurs for the products which does not have variants like colour or size.



Here is the link attached. Try with different colours.





Kindly help me to fix this issue.



Thanks in advance.

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