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Get Product Supplier price by ID in Front Office


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I associated 3 suppliers with one product. Then I associated supplier prices for that product under Product->Suppliers tab, so each supplier has its own different price.


My question is: what method should I use to get price of supplier for that product by supplier id?


Is there any method like GetSupplierPriceById(product_id,supplier_id) ?


I just want to have all prices available at front office on product page. I'm already passing all suppliers information, but i just noticed that prices aren't there. So i guess its different object than Suppliers.


I'm on Prestashop


Thanks in advance.


Edit: Just to be clear, i just want to display those supplier prices. It has not to do with real product price adding to cart etc.

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Any help on this please?


What is the use of supplier price for product anyway? There has to be some method that reads it from database. Please show me which object type owns that method.


Is there any classes/methods full documentation for prestashop ?

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I found it. ProductSupplier.php


* For a given product and supplier, gets the product supplier unit price
* @param int $id_product
* @param int $id_product_attribute
* @param int $id_supplier
* @param bool $with_currency Optional
* @return array
public static function getProductSupplierPrice($id_product, $id_product_attribute, $id_supplier, $with_currency = false)
// build query
$query = new DbQuery();
if ($with_currency)
$query->from('product_supplier', 'ps');
$query->where('ps.id_product = '.(int)$id_product.'
AND ps.id_product_attribute = '.(int)$id_product_attribute.'
AND ps.id_supplier = '.(int)$id_supplier

if (!$with_currency)
return Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->getValue($query);

$res = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->executeS($query);
if (isset($res[0]))
return $res[0];

return $res;
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