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[SOLVED] Include tpl in module frontcontroller


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I have a tpl to my custom module frontcontroller. I need know to include a tpl file into the frontcroller tpl.

Something like

...code of my frontcontroller tpl...

{include file="menu.tpl"}

... more code of frontcontroller tpl

I have both of the tpls in the same folder (mymodules/views/templates/front/[...]) but im not capable to make the include work. I´ve tried using the global smarty variables, and adding manually the uri. Does anyone know how could this be done?



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try to put the included tpl file in a sub folder called <folder of calling tpl file>/templates


so you get this:




Then just use

{include file='myincludefile.tpl'}


inside mymainfile.tpl


More info:




Hope this helps,


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Thanks Pascal, but don´t work. I should have found the solution before,  because getting deep in the code i saw that there is a method in the class "moduleFrontController" that retrieves the current dir of the module template.


So for anyone who need it:


Assign the current directory of the template to Smarty (In our module frontController)


Then in smarty,in our template file we use include file

{include file="$base_plantilla./another.tpl"}
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