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Background changing based on... attribute/ color picker ID


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This should be my last request for my current job, but it's driving me crazy, and I'm doubtful it can even be done, but here goes nothing:


I'm asked to have the background of the product page change based on what attribute is chosen. For example, take the usual iPod page sample: if you pick red as a colour, the background of the page should show pictures of the red iPod. If that wasn't enough, the products to be displayed use multiple attributes, all managed with a color picker. So ultimately, they obviously all share the same code.

So a side question would be: is it possible to generate an ID or a class for each different set of color pickers?


EDIT: nevermind, they changed their minds, they don't want that anymore. Sorry about that.

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i unmarked this topic as [solved] because it isn't solved.


iriathen - you can define defult picture for each combination (in this case depending on color)


you can do it under product edit page > combiations tab, just click on edit button near combination and then define default combination photo.

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