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Items On Backorder Status

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It would seem something has changed between v1.5.4 and regarding order status flow.


Our shop has Enable stock management = Yes and Allow ordering of out-of-stock product = Yes. This is to enable us to be able to flag some combinations as out-of-stock with negative numbers. Regardless, until recent upgrade any successful payment moved status to 'Payment Accepted' - as we want it. Since update the status now goes to 'On Backorder'. I can see how technically why this might be happening, but ideally we would simply like to remove/disable this status as it serves no purpose. Again, in 1.5.4 we had no problem, but for some reason sine upgrade this status is being used again.


Note: Yes we have turned off status visble to customers. My question is about removing/disabling this status in the Admin area workflow.



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I noticed, as well as stated in the initial post, that orders "jump" on "OnBackorder" when customer places an order including item which is out of stock.


It partly makes sense, because in order to sell you have to back-order it first.


However, I would like to have the order status flow as it was before the update... because I prefer to have items available even though they are out of stock in my warehouse but I can get it solved within one day. Therefore, such a jump creates a risk of omitting such order for authorization and etc.


Any ideas how to turn off such automatic switch will be appreciated!



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there are 2 way for now:

- change name of status


- hack all validation.php of payment modules (paypal, bankwire, ecc ecc)


bankwire/controllers/front/validation.php and add


//fix status for bankwire
$order=new Order($this->module->currentOrder);
but I think that this problem must be fixed into core of prestashop (with older versions of prestashop, this problem is fixed)
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