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Dear all,


i would like to customize the "content_only" function.



I have a page i show as content only (to remove menu items etc). But i do want to show the language options accross the top



I cannot find the function definition anywhere..



can someone point me to the folder\file where this funciton exists?





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On a particular mobile page in my prestashop portal, in order to hide the horizotal menu and misc formatting, i inlcude "&content_only=1" in the URL.


When the page displays, it strips out most of the formatting and only displays the contents.

This is exactly what i want. But the language flags also do not display (as expected) but i do need these flags.


There must be a function somewhere that states:


if content_only = 1 then

      only show page contents only


     show contents and formatting

end if


what i would like to know is "where"


does that make more sense??



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