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products page customization


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Hello, i'm using default prestashop theme and now i'm customizing how they're being displayed items on the product page.


default sorting is on the first picture


the sorting, which i would like to is on the second one.


first i reduced the size of the items and modified every single element of each item. after thid i'd need to find out a way how to  reach the result on the second picture. what files have i to edit? I already tried it myself with no success .



thanks for helping me ...



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regarding to the first picture

i don't know what element on product page are sorted like that? can you shed some light on it?



this is how product page looks like by default:




as you can see there is no sort method like you attached on first picture.

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  • 3 weeks later...

hello again to all,




1.how to add the facebook sharing icon to every product or better how to activate it ,because i've got  already "block share on facebook' installed.


2. I'd like to add new block, which will be sorting my product acc. to manufacturers. something  in similar design like block categories.


they are all my questions for now, thanks

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1) share on facebook button appears below the image, in field with extra links, it's a {$HOOK_EXTRA_LEFT} - have you got it?




btw. please follow forum rules.

one topic = one question.

it will be much better for whole community if in the future you will follow this suggestion :)

thanks in advance.

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ok man, thank you first. well, nexttime i'm gonna start new topic ;)


now, my issue. i'm afraid , the fb share link wasn't displayed in product page as you're describing, but i've found it out acc. to the $HOOK_EXTRA_LEFT in source code. and well, i modified the source code to hypertext link using the $HOOK_EXTRA_LEFT and now it's working right.


actually what does the $HOOK_EXTRA_LEFT stand for????? I dont understand how it works?




btw. what about the second question?

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