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[SOLVED] Featured Products home - remove white space after removing right column.


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I have change default prestashop theme from 3 column to 2 column.


I did this using change in header.tpl and footer.tpl.


I have 5 products on featured products and no right column but small space if coming on right hand side.


How to remove this space.


Any idea?





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everything depends on css styles.

in this case it's necessary to modify it.


unfortunately, without url to your website it's almost impossible.

we don't know what code you've got there and its necessary to inspect it first



so if it is possible: please share url.

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If you have no URL to share, you can try this:


in file:



#featured-products_block_center li {

    margin-right: 10px;                <-  increase this value...

    padding: 10px 0;

    width: 126px;

    height: 240px;

Just a try, URL would definitely more helpful here.
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