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configure a product in my way


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I must configure a product with attributes , from 0 to the final product.
I already studied and created the attributes management in the back end.
Now I wish start with a product and configure it(add data and price)
Is possible to do that without the combination generator?
because i have a lot of combination , but i would customize the combination with a my module with a personal behaviour, with a wizard with my css and my graphics . I would do something like (in pseudocode)

 $p = new ProductCore();

 if($_POST[SelectedAttributeID] == 1) //if in my module front end i selects an attribute with id 1

//  load attribute with id 1 and add it to the product


//recalculates the price


//and so, at the end



is possible?
is a correct way?

My scope is to customize a product with some entities that have a price and some properties for the front end (an image some field ecc..).
And do that in a my personal way.

I saw the combinator but I see that use a lot of javascript(product.js) in the front end  and generates a lot  of products that may be never used.



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