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sticky bar width problem


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Hi All,


go to 


(if no products then add 3 products!)


Please use firebug


having some problems with the sticky bar.

The width i gave is 700px of the

<div id="sticky_bar" style="background-color:#f2f2f2;box-shadow:0 5px 5px #CCC; width:700px ;">


how to make it responsive?






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Good morning


Sorry to mention this but:


It would be so much better to ask a question in only one forum, not duplicate it.


Not only does this help you but as importantly help other forum members who also seek the same information, it can get so confusing following different threads



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Vekia's 100% works OK from 599px++ screen widths. Below that the responsive theme makes one column of it, so needs some more changes as background colour goes over items. but 100% itself seems to work well. What was "not expected"?


( to see result, clear cache, force compile template in Adv. Params->Performance)



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