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shopping cart doesn't work properly

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My website is: zoharanyc.com


My shopping cart doesn't work properly for registered users.


Once you log in and trying to edit items in the cart, the carrier and payment details do not update unless you uncheck and then check again "use shipping as a billing address" couple of times or choose "My address" in dropdown (you also need to perform it couple of times)


Please let me know how can I fix these bugs.


Thank you

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I created a test account and tested.


I tried to increase the number of bought products by clicking the up arrow


first time I got a javascript error. I checked the reason, and noticed the URL to which the POST data was sent (for increasing the number of bought products) sent to the browser a 302 temporary redirect response.


Second time I checked everything went fine. 


So It seems a redirect issue, you can try to disable friendly urls and check again, also ssl and check again... to pinpoint the problem better

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it still doesn't work properly for logged in users.

if you are logged in, you have to ucheck and then check enter different billing address box in order to see available carriers and payment options.


Please help me to solve this issue.

Probably there's a possibility to add "cart update" button? it seems like the info doesn't update until you check or check the box.


Thank you.

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I still didn't manage to solve the issue.

Now the shipping cost is not updating at all. 

It shows no shipping cost even for products lower that $50.


Please help me solve the issue.

I checked console and there's no errors. 

How can I add refresh cart button? It doesn't update automatically.

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