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Hello, I will like to add a contact us menu to the top horizontal menu bar such that when the contact us menu is clicked, the contact us form is displayed.


Does prestashop have any inbuilt contact form. I cant seem to locate any.

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Go to the modules page and click on configure for the top horizontal menu, then in the fron office click on the contact us link.

Now copy the address from the address bar of your browser, this is the address you will use when creating the new link in the top menu.

In the Configuration of the top menu in the Add menu top link put Contact Us in the label text box and paste the address you copied in the link text box and click add.

Now in the top boxes scroll the left box down if needed until you see the Contact Us and click Add>> this will add it to the menu then click save.

You should now have a Contact Us in the top menu.

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