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Warning - The product name is empty


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When adding a new product - immediately after clicking "add new" - a warning pops up that the product name must not be empty and I should at least enter a name.


I would prefer not to be warned when I didn't even have the chance to enter anything. Of course the product name is empty because I just want to add a new product and didn't have the chance to enter anything at this point.


The warning should appear if I click on "save" and the product name is empty but not when I click on "add new". I am sensitive and it gives me some extra stress if I get warned for something I just intended to do ... :huh:

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Well this has been reported many times but still remains in the BO product add section, I have just disabled this by adding display:none to the admin.css file.

Look in /css/ for admin.css and change the section as I show below, the only downside it if you do leave the name field empty you want get this warning page will just refresh without saving.


#content .warn  {display:none;
background: #FEEFB3 url(../img/admin/icon-attention.png) no-repeat scroll 6px 6px;
border: 1px solid #9e6014;
ps: should be around or at line 522
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