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Variable Pricing for product


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Iam new to Presta and have to create E-comm module before cerating here i need to know if following product pricing is possible or not .


Sr. No. Product Code Thickness Rate per SQM (Rs.) AVAILABLE WIDTHS           800mm 1030mm 1150mm   1 Calibrated Paper 4 Thou/ 0.10mm 85 √ √ √   2 Calibrated Paper 6 Thou/ 0.15mm 125 √ √ √   3 Calibrated Paper 8 Thou/ 0.20mm 185 √ √ √   4 Calibrated Paper 10 Thou/ 0.25mm 225 √ √ √   5 Calibrated Paper 12 Thou/ 0.30mm 285 √ √ √   6 Calibrated Paper 16 thou/ 0.40mm 350 x √ √   7 Calibrated Paper 20 thou/ 0.50mm 450 x x √                  


Please refer the word doc for product table


The above excel gives the category and other details for the pricing.


1.assume customer selects product sr.1


The customer will mention the paper length in meters or yards which is to be calculated along with maximum width at the said rate. 


Example  : - 1000 meter *  1000mm then which is available @ 85Rs SQM 


in this case the width is to be considered is 1030mm for calculating the final price .


also the mention size by the client is to be saved for billing purpose.


How can i do this.


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