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mass exchange of product photos


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I just decided to change in BO the image resolution for all product images (thickbox).

I want to make use of a larger resolution: 600x600  -> 800x800


My older images were all on the pc rezized and weboptimized to 600x600 before I uploaded them. The later ones 1000x1000.


For the later ones the rapid resolution change in BO/image presets did work but not for the older ones.


I thought maybe Prestashop would recalculate and enlarge those images in question (+33%) :)

But, it did not so.


So, I am aksing for the best way to exchange all 'low' size images (600x600) with the larger ones.




I believe they are all hostet in a certain structure /img/p/" 1 to 9"/"1 to 9" or what ever that is (category ID?).


So, I thought to resize all images in question on the PC and to upload them directly over the older ones. Would that be appropriate and ok?


All I had to do would be to download /root/img/p and make a search for all images with 600x600. Delete all others. Resize or exchange (name must remain) the rest  and upload the via FTP.

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