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View/Add to cart random - how to make them the same


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Hi , 


I am using the prestashop version and warehouse theme in our shop (www.cabinmax.com). 

Some of the items show in the category page view and some add to to cart. Which first I thought is ok , as some of the items have variation ( so you have to view the item ) and some not ( so you can add it to cart ). But then I have found that in some categories even single variation item have got view button although there is no other colour/ size variation etc. When I looked in the BO, and compared the single variation items and the listings the only difference in some cases were 2 chosen images with the default , so when I have changed them to only 1 ticked box that worked with one category. I have tried to do the same in other categories ( for example backpacks etc... ) but this time it didnt work. Does anyone know how to change them all to view, so the customers would have to click on item and then be able to add it to cart ? We dont want really add to cart button, because customers then keep messaging us to change the order to different colour as they didnt notice it has added to cart default colour variation and they wanted different one so it was creating too much hassle ( wasting our time ). So does anyone know how I could change in every category the button to view ? 


Thank you for any help. 



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