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Saving translation redirect me to


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Dear sir. I'm new to Prestashop and I've just set up 2 websites using PrestaShop™


I was trying to do some translation for the installed modules but failed. Everytime I would be redirected to a 404 page not found when I try to save the translation. I've searched the forum for this but still haven't found a solution.


I've seen someone mentioned about problem with the hosting. However, I'm not sure what to ask to my hosting company should it really is a hosting issue.


Your help is much appreciated.


Attached are 2 screenshots - 1 being the translation page and another is the 404 page no found page.





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Hi vekia,


Yes I did come across the topic that you've linked me to before I started this topic. 


I tried this but didn't help



I have found a solution  :)

It was .htaccess fault.

In the back office under SEO & URL tab I have set "friendly" and "canonical" URL's to NO, saved the preferences, then i have deleted the entire code within .htaccess, went back to the SEO & URL tab, set "friendly" & "canonical" URL back to YES and pressed the save button. The .htaccess was updated with the right preferences obviously  :)

Vekia, thanx for helping me out anyway.



I wanted to know what to tell the hosting company after I've read about this


For me the problem was resolved. it is not always a problem of Prestashop, but in my case (and certainly in most of the cases), the problem is a security issue from yout hosting company.


I have sent the error to them, receive the mail that they need access, they checked the problem and a few hours later, all was working as before. So, maybe contact als your hosting company.


Hope this can help some of us with the same problem.


Luc - Belgium


I suspected the hosting because I have 2 prestashop hosted by the same hosting company which are having this same problem. However, it was running ok when I first tested prestashop installation in my very first try, and after that I've deleted the whole directory and installed a fresh copy of prestashop.

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