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list view of products ... in only one line


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Hi can you give here the link of the cart you made? Or can you attach a picture so its easy to understand the whole idea. 

I am also looking for same thing.


I need to make it for a pizza shop where all the products will be listed all together in lines


FOOD 1 ...... 10$

   Add Drinks (pull down menu)          add to cart

FOOD 2 ...... 9$

   Add Toppings (pull down menu)     add to cart

FOOD 3 ...... 5$

FOOD 4 ...... 20$

   Add meal (pull down menu)            add to cart


and all add to cart will increase cart. While as I want a small cart view on the right side of the page shows how many items I have added. The checkout will take me to payment.


Basically I want to make a cart like this (http://www.ravintolaroze.fi/) with prestashop. Anyone help????


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