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translation issues


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I spend time searching for the right place to set the translation of the following text (in order to localize them in Hebrew) but couldnt find them:

1. In the footer, under the Information header: there are the following fields that do not translate to when switching to Hebrew: Legal Notice, Terms and Conditions of use & about us

2. In the Shopping cart summary, there is a total mismatch in all fields.


I am using PrestaShop


Any help will be appreciated.




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you can translate it under localization > translations tab in your back office.

from first dropdown select "front-office translations"

form second - your theme

then click on your language flag


you will see fields to translate there, also tax included / excluded

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10x, fixed! one more issue:

Hebrew is written from right to left (same as Arabic and probably a few other but not many languages).

When you mouse over the cart icon and you see the shipping, tax and total of your cart in Hebrew it looks bad, e.g instead of having the text on the right and the amounts on the left the text is aligned to the right and the amounts are still on the right and there is no space between the numbers and text.

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