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Webservice errors when attempting to set up shipping modules

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In setting up my new store, I have run into an issue with setting up any shipping modules.  All I can do is to create a flat rate carrier from scratch, but want to use USPS and UPS modules.


With each module, after entering my credentials and API keys I get the following message:


USPS Webservice seems to be down, please wait a few minutes and try again.


I have verified that allow_url_fopen is ON with my host.  Is there some other setting that needs updating?  Want to get the shipping modules set up before I go live.



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Well, as no one has been able to offer any suggestions, I kept trying.  And I now have the UPS module installed, but none of the shipping options show up in the cart.  I made one change to my php settings.  I turned on allow_url_include.  This seems to have done the trick.


Now, to figure out why the UPS shipping options are not in the cart.  Country, state, zones, etc are all set up and active.  But am sure something is not right to block every UPS option.

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Does no one have any suggestions?


I am finally able to use the UPS module to calculate shipping charges.  While I had everything set up correctly the UPS options were not tied to my Warehouse as I am using the Advanced Stocking options.  I knew it was something silly like that I had been overlooking.


Unfortunately, I still am unable to connect to the USPS API server.  I get either the server is unavailable or that my credentials are unauthorized.  I have sent an email to USPS who stated that there are some issues with their test server.  Hopefully they will be able to help resolve this issue.

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USPS got back to me.  Because this is a prepackaged shipping module, they have moved my account to the production API server.  However, they also provided the following instructions:



1. The Production Server URL is: http://production.shippingapis.com. For APIs calling the secure server, the URL is https://secure.shippingapis.com.
2. There is a line of code that refers to "shippingapitest.dll". You'll need to remove the word "test".


Where do I find this line of code to change?

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