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Dispatch controller without header and footer


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Hi, I would like to dispatch a front controller yet not showing header nor footer. I'm trying this but no avail:


$controller = Controller::getController("AuthController");




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I think you need to put this in the public function init() it should look like this.

public function init()
$this->page_name = 'pagename'; // page_name and body id
$this->display_header = false; //hides header;
$this->display_footer = false; // hides footer;


Of course you can hide any of the hooks using this



$this->display_column_left = false, $this->display_column_right = false

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So, I'd need to override AuthController class init() method, but that would affect whole shop.


I've changed my approach on this problem. What I'm trying to do is to show a modal form that will ask for email address, once entered it will create a new user with temporary [edit me] name and password and log that new customer in.


Final objective is to allow not logged in/registered clients to favorite a product

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