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Adding some text before steps under quick-order page


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Hi all,


When I'm on the quick-order page there are 3 steps:


1 Account

2 Delivery method

3 Please choose your payment method


I would like to simply add befor each number the text "Step" so the above list will be displayed like:


Step 1 Account

Step 2 Delivery method

Step 3 Please choose your payment method


and also to be able to translate that string.


What files do i need to edit?


Thanks a lot

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you can translate these texts under localization > translations tab in your back office.

from first dropdown select "front-office translations", 

you will be able to translate these fields then.


remember, than in .tpl files you have to use correct method mentioned by nemo, like:

{l s="this is my text"} otherwise you will not be able to translate it.

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