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I have a simple theme wich I want to use as a starting point for developing new themes. I have transtated a few modules of this theme and then I copied this theme to work with. The problem is that the translation disappeared.

Is there any way to keep the translations when I copy the theme?


Thank you, Neluțu.

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I'm as new to Prestashop as I can be so I may not understaind all you say.


Both themes are under the same installation. I just copied the first one under a different name. At this point they are identical, only their name is different.


Under the themes/themename/modules/modulename/translations, I found a ro.php file. There I found something like this:

$_MODULE['<{blockpermanentlinks}oldthemename>blockpermanentlinks-header_9e66e6bd4069124578736528a0432752'] = 'Despre noi';


I changed the oldthemename with the new name of the theme and it didn't worked. Than I tried the same thing with a different module and for my surprise, it worked.


Is there anything that I missed? Or can the module that doesn't working have any particular thing that I can fix or look for?


Thank you.



Edit: It does work. In my attempts to figure out why isn't working I created and changed a few other themes and when I switched back to the theme in cause, the translations where there.


Thank you very much, Neluțu.

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