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Anyway to integrate PrestaShop with SugarCRM?

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Is there a way to integrate prestashop with SugarCRM.

Like, if someone creates an account in prestashop, it will also create a profile in SugarCRM
and the contact us form when submitted will create a record in sugarcrm and sends it to someone.

Any idea?

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VTiger is the way to go. Sugar is a subscription open source. VTiger is 100% open source and free.

I'm also trying to find a way to integrate with vTiger with PrestaShop.

I'm reviewing my options, happy to converse if someone wants.

I'm an experienced programmer hand have a few ideas, but wild like to find someone inside the community who knows the inner workings of both programs.

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Looks interesting..

Does it work with VTiger? does the database naming schemes match up?

I'm looking for a simple solution.

We need the customers, orders, order items, product inventory, order status's to sync.

On insert and on updates. Does your product cover those?

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We've got something like that on PrestaStore: http://www.prestastore.com/back-office-tools/314-sugarcrm-export.html

Is there some more info about the sugarcrm module?

Can this module also handle two stores, with the same products, but each store with different clients and different tax setup and product price.

i'm looking to have one PS store for b2c

local country [nl] : tax charged
Europe : tax charged
Rest of world : tax charged

Another (yet to setup store) b2b
Different prices
different clientgroups with product restrictions each group
Local country : Tax charged with wholesale prices
Rest of World : tax free with wholesale prices.

If this does the work above,

When a client buys product 123 in the b2c store, does the stock of 123 also automaticly changed in the b2b shop, and the other way around.



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Hi All,


I know this topic is a bit old but I have take initiative to create the connector to sync Customers, Contacts, Category, Products, Orders/Invoice from Prestashop into SugarCRM Community Edition. Once the connector have been successfully setup and establish, the process is automatically sync witout any manual process needed.


1) No Import/Export need to be done. It's all automatically synced.

2) No more copy & paste your customer, contact, categories, products, orders & etc from prestashop to sugarcrm.

3) No duplicate data entry. The data sync suites will automatically map the data and perform insert/update data into sugarcrm.


These plugin support the features below:

  • Customers Account Sync
  • Customers Contact Sync
  • Currency Sync
  • Products Category Sync
  • Products Sync
  • Product Attribute Support
  • Products Image Sync
  • Sales Order/Invoice Sync
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe Newsletter Sync
  • Multi-currency Support Sync
  • Voucher Sync
  • LDAP Authentication

Parameters Data Sync (Custom Fields)

  • Quote/Invoices PDF Templates
  • Invoice Statuses


For more information, please visit out website at http://www.anterp.com/shop/prestashop-sugarcrm-integration






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