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multistore sharing the same URL


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I'm working on a catalog (no online purchase).

I'd like all vendors being able to manage only their products in the backoffice.


On the front, I only want to have one url : the default shop of the group. So the default must display products from all stores.


Untill now and with overrides, I found a solution for :

  • displaying all the products from all stores in a category : here
  • layered navigation : filter products from all stores : here
  • StoresController : display all stores from all stores : here


My problem : the product page is still redirecting to the virtual url.


My questions :


Is there a way to override productController or class to display a product in the default shop even if it belongs to another one?


the big one: is it possible to have multistore sharing the same URL?



Hope for an answer or an advice or a simple "have fun!"


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