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Website not fully translated


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I have added a new website using multistore and am having translation issues.  The site is not fully translating.  This is my second German site but it is on a different url to the first one.  The website can be seen at matchafactory.at/at/ the orginal website matchafabrik.com/de/ does not have any off these issues.  The website has translated but the products in the sidebars and checkout page is in English.  If you click on the products on the side you are taken to the product which correctly appears in German.  I have attached an image to demostrate this.


I have since add the Danish language and had no issues it only appears on this site. 


The at language is one I created to seperate my German and Austrian site it is a straight copy and the error was appearing before I changed the language.


Any help who be much appreciated.



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I have a translate problem at the login to "my account" block. Main language on the site the hungarian, but the Login buton is "Authentication". In hungarian it would be "Bejelentkezés" (and the page navigation title on top too: "> Authentication | Authentication").

When I change the language to english (right top flag), Theese texts still "Authentication". I think it have to be in english  "Login", as on the Demo site.

The hu.php at themes\default\lang\ I thik is good. There is a line:

$_LANG['authentication-choice_99dea78007133396a7b8ed70578ac6ae'] = 'Bejelentkezés';


Other translations work well (or not fully: for e. hoveron title on cart at the - at the top right appear: "View my shopping cart" on both language too, but this a small problem. Otherwise in the blockmycart hu.php translate there is no text "View my shopping cart").


I use formal PS, default theme and this is a fresh uploaded PS, without any special setup.

May have somebody any suggest to solve this Authentication translate problem?

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the text you want to translate is probably a part of blockuserinfo module

so translate it, not theme.


go to localization > translations

from dropdown select "installed modules translations" 

and translate it.

Hi vekia, thanks for reply!


No, the Aurhentication (or Login and Bejelnetkezés in hungarian)  can't modify in blockuserinfo.


Otherwise the origin of my problem, that I can't change the translations on my BO, because my service provider allow the suhosin till 1000 (and I couldn't solve it with php.ini tricks).

Now I trying on localhost the BO translates and I could translate the "Authentication": Localization/Translate section of Authentication.

After this I see the xampp\htdocs\prestashop\themes\default\lang hu.php date of modify changed, but I dont know exactly what line or lines, because  this line

" $_LANG['authentication-choice_99dea78007133396a7b8ed70578ac6ae'] = 'Bejelentkezés';  "

was same earlier too.

Not clear for me, how does translate work (I have to say, I am a rookie, but  two years ago I buit a webshop with PS and it was not so difficult, that now - as I remember:).

So my problem, I should manage my translate only on localhost and it is not a simple way.

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Hello, im joinning this subject because I have the same problem.


On all prestashop I see actually in error Authentication (account creation) message, "password" and "address (1)" are not translated.


Available on PS and


I tried translation in BO and in AuthController... but nothing.

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For moment, I solved that with this code :

in error.tpl


Instead of :

{foreach from=$errors key=k item=error}

I put this :

{foreach from=$errors key=k item=error}
	{if $error == '<b>password</b> requis'}
		<b>mot de passe</b> requis
	{elseif $error == '<b>address (1)</b> requis'}
		<b>adresse (ligne 1)</b> requis

Sure "mot de passe" is the french word for password, so replace the value by your language. ;)

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