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Hide add to cart button when promotions finish


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Hi evreybody


I would like to know how to hide "add to cart" button when a promotion finish ?


I mean if i choose times for promotions, how to disable "add to cart" button when time is over ?


Sorry for my bad english and thanks for those who can help me

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Hi Vekia and thanks for you interest


Really you are a great moderator and very helpful like always I hope you can help me this time


When promotions ends, i would like to disable this button everywhere it appears (product, product-list, home featured...)


the theme is the default theme, PS version 1.5.6,  with a countdown add on product pages with time decreasing on specials offers, promotions.

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Mucahs gracias EL Patron pero no es lo que busco Me gustaria solo que el buton disaparece al fin del tiempo de las promociones


native prestashop does not support this..


this looks like a good solution if I understand your requriements


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Thanks for the addon but i already got all the functions of this addon The only one i missed is to hide "add to cart" button when times finish on specials sales


you would need to pass indicator to product.tpl that tell it not to display the add to cart button, i.e. indicated that the promotion is over.  as you don't use a module I assume you have customized all the other parts and just have this piece left to do.

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