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Tax Canadians, Not Americans


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Hi Everyone!!


Love this forum! Thanks so much for keeping it alive and well!


Having a difficult time setting up taxes, here's what I'd like to achieve:

- CAD only (one currency, everyone checks out in CAD)

- Charge taxes to Canadians

- No taxes for US Customers

- Base tax rate on shipping/delivery address only! No taxes until an address is provided.


Right now it's charging everyone GST and assuming all users are from Canada. Then it adds provincial taxes based on address.


Pretty sure I can figure it out if someone could explain, in words, what I'd need to do (rather than a step-by-step detail, but it's my first time with prestashop so who knows!)


Thanks so much and have a terrific day!! 



Nicole :)

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It has been a few months so I assume you figured it out but if not let me know. I think when I set up taxes it was automatic as part of the localization but it isn't something that is difficult to do. I'd be happy to walk you though it if you still need help

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