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[Solved] Order customization is lost after reorder -> delete product from cart


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So I have some special customizations in my shop, like images that need to be printed with a specific product.


In the unlikely scenario (happened for the first time today...) that a customer orders a customized product, then reorders it through the "my orders" menu and then realizes "oh crap i need to customize it differently, lets remove it from the cart", the customization is deleted from the upload folder... 


I guess the function responisble is the "deleteProduct" in Cart.php, but i don't know what to do since , anyone have an idea?


*edit* To keep the uploaded customization pictures, just comment out the 

if (isset($cust_data['type']) && $cust_data['type'] == 0)
              $result &= (@unlink(_PS_UPLOAD_DIR_.$cust_data['value']) && @unlink(_PS_UPLOAD_DIR_.$cust_data['value'].'_small'));

              $result &= Db::getInstance()->execute(
              'DELETE FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'customized_data`
              WHERE `id_customization` = '.(int)$id_customization

in  _deleteCustomization function in Cart.php Class

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