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Several items in 1 product card


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Pls,help me. How can I display 2 and more products (not combinations, namely products) with the same description of goods in one product card

Example: http://zooshef.ru/products/eukanuba_adult_large_breed_korm_dlja_sobak_krupnih_porod


Combinations are not suitable (but if I'm wrong, then correct me) as it is necessary for each variant of goods:
-should have their own dimensions (in combination only the weight, but not the length, width, height)
-purchase price



Sorry for my bad English:) and if i posted this topic in not right forum. But in russians community i don't found answer

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Hi miu,


You can add the 'missing attributes' (like length, width, height, size etc.) in catalog->attributes menu first, and give possible values to choose from. (like size: Large, Medium, Small) or 1Liter, 5Liter, or 10Kg, 25Kg etc.


Then after that you can add combinations that exist for your product as normal in the combinations field of a product.


Does that help? Otherwise give some more detailed example what you exactly need,


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