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[SOLVED] How to disable the zooming function?

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Hi all,

I’m new to PrestaShop and this forum is really great. I have already solved many problems just browsing existing threads. But for this one I haven’t found anything:


I want to completely disable the zooming function and remove the zooming button-like additions to the images on all product pages.


TIA for any help where and how can I do it.

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Thanks for the answer,  but this option I know and it’s not my problem.


I want to completely disable BOTH zooming options, as BOTH are irrelevant in case of my products. I want an image only to be displayed without ANY zooming option or link on it.


I’ve tried to hide various promissing things in poduct.css but every time the whole image block disappeared or was misplaced. I wonder if it is at all possible in the theme css or must be done somewhere deeper.

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Eureka!  I ‘ve found the solution myself. If someone else wanted to do the same, here is the receipt:

  1. In product.css:
    #pb-right-column #image-block #view_full_size .span_link {…   ...)

    add line:
    visibility: hidden;
  2. In product.js:
    disable (or remove) these lines:
    //   add a link on the span 'view full size' and on the big image
    $('#view_full_size, #image-block img').click(function(){
    ('#views_block .shown').click();


    The topic can be marked as solved

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Not to necro this thread but I found a more ideal solution to be the following:


@media only screen and (max-width: 450px){.zoomWindow{visibility:hidden;[spam-filter]


This provided greater control of when the zoom stops based on device type (the zoom function is pants on many mobiles).

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Hello @nahlik, 


Where can I find product.css and product. js in my files?


I used to know where they were in prestashop 1.6, but here seem to be different. Maybe because of my theme - Warehouse...


I will appreciate any help.



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