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Hello there,

I´m looking for a module that make the same in the picture attached.

I want to add a item to the cart, and go to the cart summary, and see what I attached. Only the item price, and a estimation of the shipping cost.

Do you have something similar, or know another programmer who has it?

Thanks in advance


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Thanks for your reply Vekia.


What I have now, you can se it on www.macarenasdelicorner.com


With guest you can see it as I want, but with registered users is like I tell you.


I deleted the shipping cost line, but the VAT is still included into the line "Total (tax excl.):", into the  "total tax" is included the the VAT of the shipping and into "Total".


What I want is to exclude all refered about the shipping from the check out. The estimate cost of shipping module is added.


I have tried several options, but I didnt get the key.



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