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2Checkout - Currency sent to 2CO


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I am having a major problem with the order total that is sent to 2CO from my cart. My cart is set in Belize Dollars (BZD) but our chosen 2CO currency for processing is US Dollars. The fixed exchange is 2 BZD = 1 USD.

So an order that is for $100 BZD is sent to 2CO as $100 USD (which is $200 BZD). you can see how this would be a major problem.

I thought the currency controls in BO for the payment methods would control this and solve it, but it does not. Regardless of whether I am in BZD or USD currency, it will always send the BZD order total to 2CO, not the converted rate.

So what I am hoping someone can help me with is a way to force this conversion before passing to 2CO (without customer toggling currencies) and handle the reverse conversion on the pass back from 2CO.

Can anyone help me with this. I tried contacting the 2CO module author but have not been able to get a response.

Please advise ASAP.



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