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Can't close product images on mobile theme


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I am trying to implement the standard Mobile theme from prestashop, however I came across a problem. When I click on a product image on my phone to view full image, I can't get out anymore. There is no close button or anything like it. My url is www.tuinkoken.nl


Does someone have a sollution for me? Or some experience the same?


Thanks in advance

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Any solutions for this ?


I have the exact same problem with default mobile template that I customized (mostly css)

Prestashop 1.5.6



same problem on 1.5.6. Any solution?


Also attached printscreen with the problem. Using back from phone goes to the category page, not to the product.



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Thank you for looking. When i browse the mobile site trough mozilla or google chrome I can't open pictures either. But on my iphone i can but get stuck. Do you know where the problem might be? Or where do I enable the function?


Any solution for this? Thank you.

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