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Google Sitemap for large website


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My sitemap has been declined by Google. Reason for that was I have too much links. I think the maximum you can have on one sitemap is 50 000.

My site has a bit more.


Is there any solution to this  problem ?

Special module would be the best.


Thank you in advance





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default google sitemap module split files automatically,

if you attach main sitemap file as a sitemap in google webmaster account settings, it should work, because contents of this file is a .... urls to separated sitmaps files


hope that this is clear enough ;)

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For large websites you should split sitemaps according to the content, like one sitemap for products, one for category, one for cms pages and one for images and so on. So in this way you can submit these sitemaps to GWT and also can see the index of your respective sitemaps.

Also it also helps in technical seo as by giving you the error details in specific sitemaps. SO that you can know in which area of site the indexing problem exits and it would be really easy to fix them


But the problem is it's really hard to get these kind of sitemaps and default sitemaps doesn't provide these kinds of sitemaps.

So have to manually code it or make a module itself..

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