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[SOLVED] Wrong translation ids for module reinsurance in the footer


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Hi guys,

the language pack for Bulgarian is almost perfect with only one exception - the translation for the module reinsurance is there but doesnot apply, seems the translation ids are wrong:




And here are the translations ids in the file translations/bg.php


$_MODULE['<{blockreinsurance}prestashop>blockreinsurance_f3295a93167b56c5a19030e91823f7bf'] = 'Гарантирано връщане на парите.';
$_MODULE['<{blockreinsurance}prestashop>blockreinsurance_56e140ebd6f399c22c8859a694b247f3'] = 'Замяна.';
$_MODULE['<{blockreinsurance}prestashop>blockreinsurance_597ce11744f9bbf116ec9e4a719ec9d3'] = 'Плащане при доставка.';
$_MODULE['<{blockreinsurance}prestashop>blockreinsurance_3aca7ac5cf7e462b658960931946f824'] = 'Безплатна доставка';
$_MODULE['<{blockreinsurance}prestashop>blockreinsurance_d05244e0e410a6b85ed53a014908c657'] = '100% сигурност на плащането.';

So the text is there in the translation file and is correct but doesnot show in the webpage, but english text is shown.

Thanks for the support in advance

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