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How to duplicate Categories module with Prestashop


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Hello all,

i'm having a problem with this thing in Prestashop. I tried to follow tutorials around, but they're about old version of the program or they don't work. I'd like 3 indipendent "Categories" block in my homepage and i don't know how to put them there. I tried copying the folder, renaming all the parts "blockcategories" to "blockcategories2", zipped, loaded, installed and it appears in the homepage, but i don't know how to insert the categories there. I'd like the site like this:



- xxxx

- yyyy

- etc...



- ccccc

- fgffgfg

- etc...


I'd like to choose where to put my product when i insert it, first block if it's something to drink (for example) or second block if it's something to eat.


Is it possible?



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It will be necessary to change several things in the module core files (php) and also in template files (all of them)


you will beed to modify:

- class name

- configuration values (edit, save, get)

- query variables (because without this change you will see the same categories in two blocks)

- query variables in tpl file (where the foreach loop use variable with categories)

it will not be as easy as it seems,

if you're familiar with coding - my guide should be enough.

you can also check multi block categories module

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