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Where should module translations go?


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Newbie question here. I'm just starting out creating new template froms scratch for PS and I'll be using British language translations. I've set English(United Kingdom) to default language and made English(English) Inactive. I'm fine with how to update language translations via the Admin area, but I'm confused about is where is the correct place for module translations?


I'm presuming that IF a module is installed but in no way adapted in my custom theme then any British translations are stored in \modules\[module_name]\translations\gb.php?


Yet as an experiment I ran the Localization > Translations > Copy command from English(English) to Engligh(United Kingdom) and noticed that this created module folders in my \themes\[my_theme]\modules\ folder with a subfolder called Translations with a gb.php for ALL installed modules!


Note: I was expecting gb.php file to simply be updated in original module translations folders.


What are rules for usage difference between?









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it's a part of "override" feature, more informations here: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Overriding+default+behaviors

if you don't want to "change" original module sources, you can easily override it with your theme files.



if you will create theme, with own translations etc. you can easily transfer own theme to other shop then. 

YOu will not have to copy modules one by one, because you will have translations in your theme directory. And original module files will stay untouched.

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Thanks for the reply. I understand most of the override functionality, however:


I'm not sure which option does this, but at some point when you update any translation either via front office or modules, PS goes ahead and duplicates EVERY installed module in my theme /modules folder! In most cases simply creating an empty translations/gb.ph. I have to say this is very annoying, as I would prefer to only have module folders in my theme for those that I've actually made some changes to. Is this a known bug or by design?

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