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uninstalled modules


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Hi there!


I can't find new free modules at the module page. It gives the following error:


If you want to be able to fully use the AdminModules panel and have free modules available, you should enable the following configuration on your server:

- Enable allow_url_fopen


However, I can't open that because it is quite unsave. The strange part is that it would not even allow me to search for other uninstalled modules, only for the installed ones. 


I have admin rights, so that should not be the problem. 


Any suggestions what could cause the problem?


Please find screenshot attached. 


Kind regards,




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fopen is something your hosting provider should enable. When we started developing our store, we had exact same issue. This function is also related to other PS functionalities (like canonical URLs, which is very useful for SEO) so you better get in touch with your hosting provider :)


Do not worry about safety, this does not open your site to hackers.


Forward your screenshot to them and explain why you need it and it should get working. If you host your site on your PC or own server, someone else should help you with enabling this - I always used hosting providers.

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You can download modules from sites like addons.prestashop.com, modulebazaar, you can also find modules on this forum. If you download module in .zip file, you shold have no trouble uploading it to your store through Back Office (look for a Add module button under Modules in top right corner).


If you still have trouble uploading a module through Back Office, try connecting to your site with FTP client. Inside .zip file, there is a folder with modulename. Go to your sites folder called Modules and extract this module folder there - like other modules are in separate folders. After this, go back to your Back Office -> Modules and search for modulename. Usually first few characters should bring you to the module. It will say it is not installed, install it. This is it, now you can configure it ;)


If I am not mistaken, fopen enables PS to connect directly to addons.prestashop.com and you can install modules from this site directly.

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Hi Zaluno, 


Thanks for your reply. 


Both ways (uploading to modules via FTP or via 'add new module' do not work. 


Problem is that the modules are uploaded into modules, but I can only search for 'installed modules'. Thus, I cannot even search for the not installed module to install it. 


Any suggestions so that I can search for 'unstinalled' modules as well?


Kind regards,


-edit: I'm almost sure it has to do something with the fact that the box is blue. I can select search for 'not installed modules' but then it automatically switches back to installed modules. 

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