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Get CMSPages inside a CMS category ? (bug translation?)


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I'm trying to show the CMSPages inside a CMS category.


I found this that worked :

{foreach from=CMS::getCMSPages(1,2,true) item=cmspages }
  <li><a href="{$link->getCMSLink($cmspages.id_cms, $cmspages.link_rewrite)|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}">{$cmspages.meta_title|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</a>

But, my problem is that I have 3 languages in my site, and it doesn't take care of the translation I made already in the backoffice CMS page.

I think it's a problem with the meta_title, because the 'href' is ok, but the meta_title is always in one language.

Could you see if I'm doing something wrong, I'm using the variable "$cmspages.meta_title"


thanks for your help,




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